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Make it your own! 5 Easy ways to decorate your rental home

27 Oct 2020
Easy ways to decorate your rental home

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You might be renting, but there’s no reason why you cannot make your rental home uniquely and wonderfully you!

But first things first - let’s start with some ground rules:


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Now that you’re all caught up on the do’s and don’ts, let's take a look at some creative ways of how you can transform your rental apartment or house into a cozy and personalised space.

#1 Use removeable stickers

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Your walls are the second biggest surface of your new home.  You don’t have to break your budget or make extensive changes if you play around with removable wall stickers.  Give your walls some character by adding texture and colour, with no damage at all.  And seeing that they’re temporary, you don’t have to stick (get it?) with your decision, you can change it up when you feel like a change.  Or a holiday. But a change is as good they say? 

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#2 Add bright and beautiful window dressings

Invitation Homes curtains

By adding dramatic drapes to your rooms, you not only bring colour and texture to your décor, but drapes add warmth and if chosen correctly, can block out light and a bit of sound.  If you’re not a bright and cheery person, what about sophisticated shades of charcoal or monochromatic colour blocks?  The variety is endless!


#3 Reflection power

Invitation Homes mirrors

In your search for rental-friendly décor, you can’t go wrong with mirrors.  Mirrors come in every shape and size and they carry the capacity to instantly jazz up any dull wall.  Large, small or a variety of sizes can make for an interesting collage of reflection.  Mirrors can also open your room and make it appear larger.


#4 Cast some light

Invitation Homes lamps

You might not be able to change the ceiling lights but introducing lamps will not only take your rental home to the next level, but it is more energy efficient too.  From dramatic floor lamps to lamps with interesting bases and even more interesting shades, shadeless lamps with incandescent globes and rope lights.  Adding lamps add warmth, great focal points and will most definitely give you amateur interior designer status!


#5 Go green

Invitation Homes plants

Being a tenant, decorating a rented house with plants can be revolutionary.  Besides their amazing air-purifying qualities, plants come in many interesting shapes and forms that lend texture, life and energy to your home. Get a mix of flowering plants and non-flowering ones to balance out the colour. Add it in corners and against the walls!

Inspired yet?  These quick tips are proof that you can transform your rental apartment or house into a stylish haven, ready to show off to your friends and family. What are you waiting for?  


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